(daffnet) Echo & Narcissus Revisited

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 George”s e-mail reminded me of the following= 
Daffodils were first written about by the Greek Theophrastus around 300BC in his “Enquiry into Plants”.
Mohammed wrote, “He that has two cakes of bread, let him sell one of them for some flowers of Narcissus, for
bread is food for the body, but Narcissus is food of the soul”. So say I.!!!
Mike Burrrell. ”'(from a very cold & white” Southern England.)

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  1. Mike,

    Those of us here in Minnesota were somewhat surprised to learn that there is not a single snowplow in all of London’s road maintenance equipment. Once we learned that, we understood why a “mere” six inches of the white stuff would paralyze your country. We here embrace the snow, doing crazy things like playing golf on frozen lakes with used Christmas trees for doglegs and such; we have ice sculpture and snow sculpture competitions; we have both the normal ice fishing houses on our many lakes, some approaching “palace” status, as well as fun ice houses decorated with art themes—there were a series of “dice houses,” complete with dots outside, featuring various card and dice games to while away the time between bites on one’s fishing line dangling through the hole in the ice in the floor. Maybe our attitudes here are just the result of realizing that we can’t do anything to prevent the snow and cold so we might as well embrace it!

    Cheers and stay warm!

    Edie Godfrey

    Minnetrista, Minnesota

    (We’re finally going to get above freezing today and tomorrow during the sunny hours, but Spring is a long way off yet.)

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