Daffodil field La.

February 25, 2009

Categories: Displays & Specialty Exhibits, General, Growing Daffodils, Landscapes and Naturalized Daffodils

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Channel 3 out of Shreveport La filmed my La field yesterday and it will air in segments tmw morning. It can be viewed : kark.com, tmw after 10 The blooms are nice and have held up really well for a long time.
Thera Lou Adams

2 responses to “Daffodil field La.”

  1. David Liedlich says:

    Thera Lou,

    Congrats on the publicity.  Let’s hope you don’t get daffodil pickers coming aroung now!

    Dave Liedlich

  2. Mary Durtschi says:

    Hi Thera Lou;
    I watched the clip of your beautiful daffodils on the internet this morning.  It was a very nice news clip.  I finally know what you look like.  I hope to meet you in person one day.
    I have called all my brothers & sisters in Louisiana and gave them the information and they will probably be up there this weekend. They live in Coushatta & Bossier City.

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