In flower to-day – Two strange ones

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Something a little different.
1)  N. asturiensis  – an exhibitors nightmare? It may not be flat but symetry is not so bad! The extreme lobing and regular petal twist may conjure all kinds of lurid thoughts?
2) Who can guess the parentage of this little seedling?
Brian D.

2 comments for “In flower to-day – Two strange ones

  1. Why, Yes, Brian !
    I see the start of a whole new division:  Spatulate or Pinwheel Daffodils.
    Linda W.

  2. I also love the oddball ones–what a cutie N. asturiensis is!
    Would parentage of the second one be something like N. cantabricus x ‘Candlepower’?
    I’ve been at a Master Gardener school in nearby Lebanon, TN, (pronounced “leh-buh-nun” with the accent on the first syllable) ;-> for the last two days learning about rain gardens, rain barrels, and native plants. I need to get out with the camera today. In bloom here are more daffs, dwarf iris, crocus, snowdrops, hellebores.
    Becky that daffy girl near Nashville

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