Nancy Tackett, California

New Daffnet Member

February 26, 2009

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Please welcome our newest member, Betsy Lichtenstein. Betsy has been involved in planting up to 1,000 bulbs in public gardens. Through her children’s school for the past seven years, she has spearheaded a bulb and annual flower planting at a retirement facility in Upper West Side New York City and most recently at a day care center.
Welcome Betsy! We hope you enjoy Daffnet.
Nancy Tackett Martinez, Calif

7 responses to “New Daffnet Member”

  1. Clay Higgins says:

    Thank you for your sense of humor!!! We can use your support in NENC Daffodil Society March 21st show, as well.  The weather has been cold and rainy in Currituck County the home of the NENCDS Daffodil Show and I have very little blooming in my garden except a half dozen N. cyclamenius X Pink China that looks like they are all N. cyclamenius. Other division 6 are in bloom along with a few Tete-e-tete, some early trumpets, etc., but not enough for a good showing. 
    I think they are waiting for the Richmond Show this year.  So, I’ll see you in Richmond on the first weekend of April.
    Clay E. Higgins
    (240) 632-0002
    cell (301) 814-4206

  2. Deborah Jordan says:

    Welcome Pat! I graduated from high school in Newport News–Ferguson High in 1976.
    Debbie Jordan Houston, Texas

  3. Clay Higgins says:

    Pat Clark,

    Welcome to the Daffnet. You are in between two Daffodil Societies, ours here in Northeastern North Carolina in Barco, NC, with our show on March 21, and the Gloucester, VA show a week later in Gloucester, Va.

    You are most welcome to come down to NE NC Daffodil Society in Barco, NC on March 21st. We would love to have you as a member of the “Wild Goose” group in Currituck County. Which is a derrivative of an old native american “carrotoke” which stands for l”and of the wild geese.”

    Exhibits open at 7:00am and Public viewing at 1:00pm.

    Come down and ask for me, or Fran. Email us for directions to the Currituck County Extension Facility off of U.S. Route 158.

    Clay and Fran Higgins

    Chairpersons of the NE NC Daffodil Society

    (240) 632-0002

  4. Ross Hotchkiss says:

    Look here, Colonel Higgins…
    You don’t want to take a chance on ‘wearing out your welcome’ here in Richmond by failing to tell our new daffnet member that there’s another society just up the road from Newport News.  After all, we took over when the Newport News group decided to ‘throw in the towel’!  You’d better be careful or we will only have Fran’s name on our ‘welcome mat’!
    I must admit, however, that I also have made an attempt to reach her by asking Nancy to copy her with my e-mail and I, too, told her about the Gloucester Show, but neglected to tell her about the NENC Show!  I stand to be admonished, as well, but I’m willing to take my punishment.  Just remember, ALL of the Higgins are ALWAYS welcome here in Richmond!
    Now, our newest member will have another e-mail to open and find that she is already the center of attention…worldwide!
    We hope your broken leg is healing to your complete satisfaction.  Be careful!
    Regards and all the very best,

  5. Chriss Rainey says:


    Dear Pat Clark,
    I hope you will decide to make the short trip to the NE DC show on the 21st.  If you haven’t ever seen a daffodil show in person, you are in for a treat.  You’ll go home with a lot of new information for sure, but you’ll also have a chance to meet some really nice people who share your interest in daffodils.  I guarantee it will be worth your time and effort.  And when you are there, be sure to identify yourself to us.  There will be a whole group of people, many who are on this list who will look forward to meeting you. 
    Chriss Rainey
    Reston, VA. 

  6. Linda Cummin says:

    Thank you, Nancy. It is my pleasure to be part of a very enthusiastic group! Linda

  7. Kathy Welsh says:

    In a message dated 3/23/2009 1:18:07 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  title= writes:

    Cheri Fee

    I am not sure if Becky Fox Matthews is on line.  She has been out of town, but the Nashville show is at Cheekwood on April 4 and 5th.  If you bring flowers on Sat morning before 10am I will be there and I would be happy to talk to you and help you enter them in the show.  I know the Middle Tennessee Daffodil group will be excited to have a new memeber!  This would be a wonderful opportunity for you to see many new and different daffodils.  The show will open to the public by 2pm on Saturday afternoon.  It will also be open on Sunday, but I am not sure of the exact hours.
    Kathy Welsh
    (from Virginia, but attending the Nashville show)

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