2009 ADS Convention in Chicago

February 5, 2009

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Dear Daffnetters,
The website for the ADS convention this spring has been recently updated and what you see there is mostly complete. Please take a look at 
Note at the upper left that the date of the last update is indicated. Check the website often to see if new changes affect your plans for coming. There are ample places to send emails to those involved with the convention arrangements if you have questions or comments.
The titles for almost all the presentations are now set. Some of them are intriguing – I’m excited to hear these presentations myself. 
The rules for the Photographic and Floral Design Divisions are in place. These will have more prominence this year than in the past, and we hope you are planning to bring your best efforts or to urge your friends with talent in these areas to participate.
Forms for registration are there to copy. In the case of the hotel you may do so online, with the special code for our event already inserted.
Some info on the Judging School I is there, and a new guide to Chicago is linked for those sightseers coming early or staying late.
We’re doing our best to make this a great event and to put the correct, interesting information on the website as soon as it is available.
Keep in touch and give full consideration to joining us on the last weekend in April.
Jill Griesse

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