Keith Kridler, Texas


February 8, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Growing Daffodils, Soil, Species

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There were a couple of these open last Thursday. Interesting how in the south in Zone 7B, soil that is shaded and kept a little cooler pushes the bulbs to bloom about a week earlier than the same bulbs in the same drift that is exposed to the full sun.
The sun is still at a very low angle on the horizon even at mid day. I believe it is about 33* from the horizontal. My one camera battery fried the other day and my back up will only take about 12 pictures at a time now…..Better go invest in a new fancy camera…….Why spend $30 on a new battery when the Nikon and Cannons are only $1,200.00 with a dream lens…..:-)) Keith Kridler

One response to “nObvalaris.JPG”

  1. Clay Higgins says:


    N. obvalaris looks nice.  Mine put up a lot of seed.  Never been able to get a good hybride from them even when there are a few good ones out there.


    Clay Higgins