sweetness looking back east

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Ok in this photo the near right hand side of the photo of the drift is really close to the trunk of the pine tree in full shade and the cooler ground pushed the bloom time just a little.
Notice that the left four feet of this planting is still really thin and individual leaves of the bulbs get plenty of sun. It is hard to see in this photo but there is a LOT of difference in the height of the leaves from the bulbs thinly planted as compared to the bulbs that are over grown and fighting for light to produce food to bloom. Stem height on the blooms will be taller on the thick clumps to the right as will the ultimate height of the leaves later this summer.
These drifts of Sweetness are actually planted on city owned property. There is an abandoned oil dirt roadway under these blooms. There has been about 6″ of dirt wash down the street over the years and settle on top of the old pavement. These daffodil roots spread out on top of the pavement and pull up nutrients that gather right there on top of the oil sand. Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas