Trader Joes

February 11, 2009

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There was discussion recently about cut daffodils available at Trader Joes.  I stopped by today, and picked up a bunch (for only $1.49 !).  They are labeled as a product of Ireland.  All of the bunches were in buds (yellow), and yet to open.

Does anyone know what variety is likely to grace my table when they open?

Thank you.

Dave Liedlich

One response to “Trader Joes”

  1. George Dorner says:

    They looked like Dutch Master to me, but I am not expert in the nuances of all the “King Alfred” look-a-likes. 

    I plan to buy more for our local society board meeting this weekend. The original set succumbed yesterday. I’ll post a close up and let the real experts ponder them if nobody has a definitive identification before them. I thought the color was marvelous and they had a lot of the usual daffodil scent, not sweet but a harbinger of things to come.