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ADS Convention Hotel Registration

March 12, 2009

Category: American Daffodil Society

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ADS friends,
We have had reports of people having difficulty registering for rooms at the convention hotel. One person was told our block of rooms was full. Another person was told there were no more rooms with two beds available. Below is the hotel’s answer to our inquiries.
If you have any problems registering for a room or getting your room-type preference, please contact Silvia Ortiz at 847-897-5414 AND also email me at  title=.
We certainly want all of you to have a stress-free convention experience!
Mary Dorner
ADS Convention Registrar
Hi Mary,


Renee is out of the office today, I am the Service Manager that is handling the event and the room block. I think I met you when you came out to go the event, I apologies that your members are being told that and that they are having issues when booking a room. I know Renee and you spoke yesterday over e-mails and just yesterday her and I checked the room block and everything was fine, there are still plenty of rooms available so I am a little confused as to who is telling the members this but I will get to the bottom of right away. In the mean time if you are to get another member that is still having problem please have them call or e-mail me, I assure you everyone will get a room and I will fix what ever needs fixing. I wanted to call you but I do not have a phone number were I can contact you if you would like to still talk to me and would like me to call you please provide your number and we can further discuss the resolution to this. If you would rather call me I am at 847-897-5414 I am at a meeting right now but I will be in my office after 12noon. I did check with reservations again this morning and again you have lots of rooms left, you have 6 rooms left of 4/23 and 45 on 4/24 and 45 on 4/25 and 5 left on 4/26 so I added 10more giving you a total left of 15 and 5 left on the 4/27 I also added 5 more on this day. Please let me know if you need anything else from me, thanks and again I apologies the inconvenience.
Silvia Ortiz

One response to “ADS Convention Hotel Registration”

  1. Phyllis Hess says:

    Dear all,
    Just spoke with Silvia; she was most pleasant and fixed me right up!!
    Phyllis Hess