Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Barco Daffodil Show Saturday March 21

March 19, 2009

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The Barco, Daffodil Show sponsored by the Northeast North Carolina Daffodil Show will be a one day show this year.

It was called to my attention that the journal and the website show it as two days.  However, I thought I had sent out the proper notifications – but must not have when we changed it last October.  I had to cut it back because of logistic problems.

Those that received our show schedule will find that the show was approved by ADS as a one day show, March 21, 2009 ,so at least that part is correct.

My appologizes to everyone that was waiting until Sunday to drive down to Barco, NC and see the show.  It will not be there.

I’m still working full time and I have a work obligation that conflicts.


Clay Higgins


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