Beersheba question

March 16, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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I don’t grow Beersheba… Was asked what a pale bicolor was/is; all were the same color, white petals and pale lemon trumpet Found another one in a different yard; same flower, going down, trumpet still pale lemon Is there something else I should be looking at on DaffSeek -? Does Beersheba sometimes not fade out? The form is almost more like Empress, however, petals folded back some We’ve been having yo-yo weather of 5 days of 70s then 3 days 50s and 3″ rain…

One response to “Beersheba question”

  1. Keith Kridler says:

    Beersheba and Mount Hood bloom at the same time and look similar in color as they first open and then mature. Beersheba has a skinny waist on the trumpet, thinner width to the petals and for me slightly smoother petals as compared to Mount Hood. Mount Hood has a lot larger diameter to the trumpet and the waist of the trumpet is a lot larger in diameter as compared to Beersheba. Beersheba resembles the trumpet form of Empress. These are the only two white division trumpets I have ever seen surviving at old homesteads in East Texas. We also got three days of rain and a total of over 4″ or over 10 CM of rainfall. The first rain in about 6 weeks for us. Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas