Cultivar pronunciation help

March 22, 2009

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One of the earliest daffs out in my yard right now, ‘St. Keverne’ , is also one of the most dependable and has great form and color.
We were debating the pronunciation. Can one of the Cornish help? Is it St. KEVerne or St. kevERNE? (Stress on first syllable or second?)
And is the first “e” the long “e” sound or the short “e” sound? I am assuming the final “e” is silent but I’m not all that sure about that either!
Bill Lee

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One response to “Cultivar pronunciation help”

  1. Denis Dailey says:

    It probably depends on which part of the English speaking world you are in. At least the v is a v and not a bh as in gaeltach areas like Cobh, Ireland.