Van Sion and more

March 4, 2009

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Re:Contents of Daffnet digest: Reg. the Filoli flowers, N. rugulosis seems correct. I wonder if Van Scion seeds itself? I find it coming up in places where it was not planted. I have one clump that always has the full cup and no petals extra, it is alway’s yellow with no green. It is interesting to me that it is such a hardy flower. No apparent disease and very vigorous. We need to learn more about these old flowers that last. I have had so many modern hybrids that did not stay around although they did not have any apparent disease. I have a huge row of N. x odorus, bulbs packed in and pushing out of the ground, probably 50 years old. I have a row of what I thought was butter and eggs, it is a creamy double with orange interspersed petals. I have never heard of Van Scion referred to as butter and eggs. These old cultivars are facinating.
Nancy R. Wilson

One response to “Van Sion and more”

  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    Nancy, I think Van Sion probably does seed itself sometimes. Certainly it is possible to get fertile pollen from it and I have a few nice little doubles from it when crossed with N. asturiensis. I hope they will have inherited some of the staying power of their father. Brian