Daffodils from Wal-Mart

March 10, 2009

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Well, somehow I messed up on sending this email to Daffnet this morning but since then I have gone by Wal-Mart here in Maryville and my friend and I purchased 17 pots of all types of daffodils and several pots of hyacinths.  We got my half all in the ground today!!!!  Each pot had several very healthy bulbs and some had not even bloomed yet. 

Thank you Mary for sharing this info to I could get on the “Wal-Mart deals” 

Maybe I’ll get the hang of sending my pitiful little messages to Daffnet.  Haha  




Written earlier today before my trip to Wal-Mart

WOW!  These are some nice flowers you found at Wal Mart!!!  Im going to have to keep an eye out for daffodils there from now on!  Great find.  I dont show daffodils at the shows but I sure do enjoy all the different varieties. 
Nancy M from Maryville TN

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