Filoli ID Needed Narcissus odoratus rugulosus?

March 4, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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I would appreciate your help identifying one of Filoli’s daffodils shown blooming below in the bulb slope a on (3/3/2009).  It was  growing here in 1976 when Filoli, a property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation,  located in Woodside, CA. changed hands from private estate ownership. I suspect this might be  an original daffodil , maybe a species,  planted around 1918. For more information about this historic landmark visit our website at (  I saw an image from broadleighbulbs at this link which looks just like our Filoli bulb.
Lucy Tolmach
Director of Horticulture
Filoli Center












One response to “Filoli ID Needed Narcissus odoratus rugulosus?”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Hi Lucy,
    This might be  odorus ‘Rugulosus’, not odoratus.  Or more correctly, just ‘Rugulosus’ 7 Y-Y which was awarded an Award of Merit for gardens in 1973 and a further Award of Garden Merit in 1993 by The Royal Horticultural Society.  Or it’s possible it could be ‘Rugulosus Maximus’.
    Mary Lou