Keith Kridler, Texas

fourth shot of Golden Dawn

March 11, 2009

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Nitrogen moves down hill with water. On the left side of the photo the ground is sloping off and I doubled up the n fertilizer on this whole section there were no skips as it was going to migrate down through the rows. In this case the foliage grew even more and CONTINUES to grow! It appears to have made about a weeks difference on the bloom time of this section. The blooms are just beginning to open up and are still well down in the foliage. I expect in a week or so this section to be in full bloom when the far section is done blooming.
Notice that the n fertilizer washed out of these tilled up rows of daffodils and by the color of the weeds it is slowly creeping towards the creek down hill to the right of the photo.
AGAIN this is really just the beginning of a three year experiment. It would be better for some of you all to conduct your own experiment with cheaper bulbs and it would be easier to control if you were growing daffodils in pots. You could experiment with N-P-K and the macro nutrients in a liquid fertilizer in one set of pots and nothing in others for a better trial. It would be far cheaper also if this experiment goes badly a couple of years from now:-))) Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas

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