March 24, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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The flower that stood out for me in Melissa Reading’s Quinn entry at the Murphys show was ‘Heck’ 4W-Y bred by David Jackson.  There are no photos of it on Daffseek.  I hope Kirby has one he can contribute.
What I like about this flower is that it appears to swirl and the petals all seem to be broad and rounded and not bent or bunched in the center as is the case with so many doubles once you get past the two back rows of perianth petals. 
I have a pretty sour grapes attitude about most doubles since they do so badly for me, but this is one I’d like to give a try. 
Tell us, Melissa, is it a good flower all the time, or did you get lucky with this bloom?  With four other Div. 4’s in your entry, you obvioulsy have mastered the knack for producing good results.  ….whatever that might be that has escaped me so far.
Chriss Rainey

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