help w/a double

March 25, 2009

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Hi all,
Been communicating w/a northern (gasp) who has the old poet double aka Albus Plenus Odoratus; he finds it goes to bad if it gets hot at all I was wondering if anyone had any tricks of the trade w/this flower to pass along…

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  1. John Bukowski says:

    Hi Sara,
    I have the same problems with APO here in east central Illinois. Once every 4 or 5 years, they will actually bloom. Most years, the blooms just blast. Ron Scamp suggested that you keep them well watered during the bloom season, especially if the weather turns hot. Alas, I have never tried his advice, so ….
    John B. Potomac, IL

  2. George Dorner says:

    No help on the question, but here is a coincidence of sorts.
    We went to Peoria a couple of weeks ago, where I gave a talk to a garden club of about 75. In the living room of the home we stayed in was the original watercolor painting shown in the attachment. The poster is $24 and is 18″ X 24 “, but the original was about 2′ X 3′ and commanded the long narrow room. I believe this is the flower wherof you speak.
    The artist is Peggy Zalucha and she has many florals at her site:

  3. John Lipscomb says:

    I have tried Albus Plens Odoratus 3 times. It never lasts here in north Georgia for me. It can’t stand the heat and it blooms too late.
    On the contrary, once visiting my college roommate in Maine below Brunswick, I found it flourishing a few feet above the salt water tide line in rocks with little soil in a bay connected to the ocean. It was in a south facing site.
    Regards, John Lipscomb