Keith Kridler, Texas

Hip Hop daffodil bunny Video

March 3, 2009

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I don’t think this link to the video has been posted yet this year. Your grand children will enjoy it. Keith Kridler

One response to “Hip Hop daffodil bunny Video”

  1. RJ Campbell says:

    Thanks for the link to the hip hop videa, it made my day! 
    And also thank you for the identification of the Filoli double as Twink.  I bought a few anonymous bulbs last summer in Courtland, California (small, older farm town on the Sacramento River Delta), forgot them and left them unplanted in the heat last summer and autumn, then planted them in January and suddenly these dramatic blooms showed up after the rains started. After treating them badly, I was just happy that they survived at all.  They look like the pictures of Twink.  They also have a delicate odor and seem to be pretty idiot-proof, which is always a good thing for my plants to be.