Barbara and Len Weber, Oregon

An I.D. Toto?

March 5, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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Another I.D., please………….This is the first, except for Tetes, to bloom a week ago, here in Corvallis, OR. It is 13 mm, perianth 6mm tip to tip, and corona, not quite 3mm. Len says it looks fragile, but the large cup seems strong to me. It probably came from Havens, but not for sure. Thanks. Barbara

IMG_3456 b

4 responses to “An I.D. Toto?”

  1. Barbara and Len Weber, Oregon Barbara and Len Weber says:

    Hello all………..I may have solved my own problem………with the flower I asked about. Is it Toto? And of course, that would be Bill Pannill. Daffseek is wonderful, when my rusty brain tells me what to look for. I was looking in the 6s and 7s, but that wasn’t right. I love looking at the I.D, pictures. Thanks
    Barbara in Oregon

  2. Brian Duncan says:

    Hello Barbara, Nice picture. My first thought was ‘Topolino’ which stands about 10″ tall. It is in flower here at the moment and has the same colour, poise and six lobed trumpet and is about 60mm diameter. If it is smaller, sat 50mm dia. and on a shorter 6-8″ stem then it might be ‘Little Beauty’ which is just goose-necked here at present. I’d guess the former – both are 1W-Y’s. I do not think it is Toto which has a shorter, whiter and straighter corona. It often has more than one flower per stem when well grown. All Best, Brian Duncan

  3. Brian Duncan says:

    Hello Barbara, Nice idea but alas too late.There are already two entries in the Register – by Guy L Wilson pre-1934 and WO BAckhouse in 1956. Though I do not know if either flower still exists the name cannot be used again under the rules of the International Nomenclatural rules.. I too like the robin, we always have a few in the garden in winter, then they fight leaving only one pair.We once had one that came to hand for crumbs, much to the delight of grandchildren. I’ll try to find a picture but it may have been before 2005 when I was still using film. Brian

  4. Barbara and Len Weber says:

    Hello Brian and Saturday Daffnetters………….On a very cold, windy day I went out to survey all the buds and new pokings up of our favorite flower, hoping to figure out where some disappeared bulbs might be hiding. Then came in to revel in Daffseek for pictures to identify what I am pretty sure are the few that are showing color. As I look in the Daffodil Show and Grow, it always amazes me how many names there are, and others that are not there. Brian, or other European growers, have you ever wanted to name a flower after The Robin,(not our Thrush)? It is my favorite bird in the world, and we don’t have it here in the U.S. I Think some daffodil would be honored to carry that name. My best experience with a Robin was in 1986 outside of Helpston, (my poet, John Clare’s village. His best line for our flower is, “Sweet earthly suns of Spring.” ). I was in a nature reserve with my paint kit, sketching with watercolors and surrounded by gorgeous bluebells. “He/she?” was singing up on a limb, then came and sat beside me all the time I was there. My lunch eaten, I had no crumbs to share but I felt a friend had visited with me. Clare talks about this quality in his poem, The Robin’s Nest. So ends my story. We lose an hour tonight for more daylight in the morning, so I will close this musing. If you have a flower that needs a name, think of Robin.
    Thanks for listening. Barbara, in Corvallis, hoping for more warmth so more daffs will bloom.