John Pearson 2008 registrations (2 of 2)

March 10, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizer, Hybridizing, Seedling, Standards

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Here are the other three of my 2008 registrations.
    Nene River (2 W-Y)  –  (Owston Wood x 87-32-K29 [(Stoke Charity x Panache) x Fair Prospect]
    Rosemary Pearson (2 W-P) – Dailmanach x 88-64-K25 [Romance x Pink Panther]
    Vitsa (3 W-Y) – 87-85-J22 [Easter Moon x Dell Chapel] x 87-51-L15 [Dell Chapel x Corozal]
John Pearson

One response to “John Pearson 2008 registrations (2 of 2)”

  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    Lovely flowers. Excellent pictures. Emotive too.