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March 27, 2009

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Hello all,
I had three flowers blooming when I went outside to get the paper this morning. 
With a small garden I’ve been careful to focus my collection on mid and late season flowers. 
But this year with a winter that just won’t let go, I’m later than usual. 
I had a call this morning from Patty Bragdon.  She’s doing just fine and looking forward to seeing her flowers, but like mine, they are still barely out of the ground.  She wanted to let me know she is planning to come to the Pie Eater’s Show.
I thought some of the rest of you might also like to rethink your game plans and consider this late show as well.  Anyone who has come will tell you it’s a fun day. 
If you aren’t a judge there will be plenty for you to do as well.
Staging is from 8-12ish on Saturday May 2.  Lunch is served BEFORE judging which begins at 1:00PM. 
I’m attaching the compact schedule to this note.  The whole schedule is designed to expand only when and where needed.  Be sure to pay attention to classes 31-35.  They offer interesting challenges and rewards.
If you do plan to come, please let me know, so I can better estimate how many properties to have on hand.
Bring flowers!
Chriss Rainey
American Pie Eaters Show Chairman

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