Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

Robin and Bluetit

March 7, 2009

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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For Barbara Weber,
Sorry could not find ‘bird in hand’ pic. These were taken from inside our kitchen window. Blue Tit is another favourite with it’s amazing acrobatics and beautiful colours – hardly appropriate for a daffodil name though – yet!!!

2 responses to “Robin and Bluetit”

  1. Barbara and Len Weber, Oregon Barbara and Len Weber says:

    Thanks for the window pictures, Brian. They beautiful and fun to see. We had Blue Tits in Preston, and Nottingham when we lived there. I had never seen them, either. Too bad you can’t re-name after the bulbs are no longer in existence. So many rules. But Elise and I commented on how many her father named for birds. Lapwing, Petrel, Gull and Wheatear are some of my favorites.
    We had snow today, but it didn’t stay around. This Spring is something else. The crocuses and snowdrops are glorious, however.
    Best, Barbara

  2. Denis Dailey says:

    doc iconBluetit.doc

    Simple solution to naming problem. Add another name. For example Worcester Bluetit. Actually, there is a robin on the other side of the Royal Worcester egg coddler shown in the attachment. By the way, Dallas had a very nice show in a lovely setting (Dallas Arboretum) and in spite of speaking only Minnesotan, I recieved royal hospitality.  I think I even understood most of what was said – although what I understood may not have been what they really meant, – like “Come back Again.”
    See y’all in Mississippi next weekend and later in Chicago.
    Denis Dailey