Keith Kridler, Texas

second shot of N only fertilizer and Golden Dawn

March 11, 2009

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Ok this shot shows another view just to the right of the last shot. Notice the Sweetness in the very first row has quit blooming but again in the center of the photo you can see that the Sweetness foliage looks deficient in the middle. Then you can see another gap in the next couple of rows of Golden Dawn that did not get any fertilizer. Again notice the color of the foliage to the right and left of the center of the photo and the height of the foliage and bloom stalks. Even the weeds between the rows show benefit from this application with their darker foliage color.
We are experimenting with varieties of daffodils that are pretty much basal rot resistant!!!! I am experimenting with daffodils that I can afford to kill for this experiment!!!
I would NOT experiment or apply granular fertilizer on daffodils already with foliage up and buds breaking the ground!!! It takes too long for this to wash down to the root tips and then the nitrogen needs two weeks or longer for it to get broken down to a form that the plant can actually pick up and use.
IF you want to experiment with a few clumps of daffodils you don’t mind killing then you could add a Liquid fertilizer and water one clump with a gallon or so of the correct mixture. Mark the clump and get photos and watch how this affects the plants over the next couple of years BEFORE you apply it to EVERY daffodil you own. REMEMBER that what you put into the soil will affect the outcome either good or bad for SEVERAL YEARS!!! Get a soil sample tested first!!! Keith Kridler

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