Snow This Morning In Maryland

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Dear Daffnet,

Fran and I went to our NE NC Daffodil Society spring meeting in the rain on Saturday, Feb 28th in Barco, NC., where 17 people, not counting Fran and I, braved the weather and came.  We had a great time, there are so many nice people in NC. Along with our normal meeting, I gave a class using “live” daffodils to the membership on how to perpare and stage daffodils for the show. These are all new members with some 2nd year people in attendance.  We used actual show “blocks,” daffodils and boxwood to prepared in a practical exercise format, including filling out show cards. It went well.

Sunday we woke up early in a driving rain, and escaped north to Maryland outrunning the snow all the way, with some periods of heavy snow flakes with no accumulation on the highway. 

Today, on Monday we woke up to heavy snow in Eastern Maryland and about 4 to 6 inches on my deck. Unfortunately, with my deminished physical capacity, I was unable to both take pictures of my daffodils in the rain in North Carolina, as well as shovel the snow to go to work this morning.  I’ll have to wait for someone else to do the show work.

Thank god for Fran as she picked daffodils for me to use in the demonstration.  I have a lot of division 6, some N. jonquilla var henriquessi, and bulbocodiums, along with some Flower Carpet, sent to me by Linda Van Beck, in bloom.

Spring is coming, and the NE NE daffodil show is only 19 days away.


Clay Higgins