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Waiting for the flowers in the north

March 8, 2009

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Here are a few diversions for those of us who haven’t yet seen any sign of a daffodil.

I. The first was in the papers today, this from the Chicago Tribune, and it is attached below.
II. The second is a short video on YouTube. This is a time lapse movie of a vase of daffodils opening (filmed over 13 hours) and then dying (over 29 hours). The run time is 52 seconds and the file size is 2.3 Mb. 
[youtube dpDMBEVmRac]
III. And the third is also on YouTube:
Puyallup Valley 74th Annual Daffodil Parade. The 3 hour parade has been sped up to 2 minutes 45 seconds. The time lapse was shot on a Fuji S-3 and consists of 3,327 still frames played in sequence.

[youtube jjr93UInVZw]

I had to wait a long time for this to download, but it was worth it at the end. (It.s 6.3 Mb, so don’t try this if you are still connecting by phone!) It came in short bursts until the whole thing was loaded. Then I restarted it for the whole experience. 

Was this mentioned in the recent exchange of parade photos? Was this taken by one of ours? I don’t think so. Not many have viewed it.

George Dorner

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