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April 20, 2009

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Hi to all Convention goers,
Brogden Bulbs of Normanby, New Zealand have sent the following for the ADS Convention –
For auction –
 2  SHOWDOWN a 3w.yoo.  Kirby Fong photo on daffnet  12th March 2009.
 1  FIREONICE a 3w.r.  jfmdaffs photo on daffnet  7th April 2009.
For the NZ Raised class –
Each entrant to receive 1 Blast Off a 2w.y. (6 supplied)
For the winner- A wooden goblet (turned from native NZ wood) with engraved plaque.
 2 – MASON ROAD a 2y.r.
 2 – PANCHALI an 8y.r bred by Wilf Hall.
 2 – BB 383-22 a 2w.p.
Full decriptions of the above are available on request.
May all daffodil exhibitors have success and the ADS have a great Convention.
Spud Brogden.

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