Kirby Fong, California

Amity show – Bronze Ribbon winner

April 7, 2009

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The Bronze Ribbon is for the best entry in the class for 3 stems each of 12 standard daffodils from at least 3 RHS divisions. One of the shows in each of the 8 American Daffodil Society regions is designated as the regional show for the year. This year it was Amity’s turn in the Pacific Region. The Bronze and Miniature Bronze Ribbons are available only at the regional shows. There were two entries in the Bronze class at Amity. Top row in the winning entry has Descanso 1W- Y, Homestead 2W-W, and Lady Be Good 2Y-O. Second row down has Gold Charm 2Y-Y, Menehay 11aY-O, and Pink Silk 1W-P. Third row down has Bald Eagle 2W-W, Edgegrove 2W-Y, and Crown Gold 2W-O (the White Ribbon winner). Front row is Sportsman 2Y-R, Delia 6W-YWP, and Broomhill 2W- W. The exhibitor was Margaret Pansegrau.
Kirby Fong

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