Amity show – Throckmorton Ribbon winner

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The Throckmorton class is for 15 standard daffodils with 15 different RHS classifications (a classification is the division and color code). The top row is Phil’s Gift 1Y-Y, Bell Rock 1W-Y, Banker 2Y-O, Dayton Lake 2W-Y, and Sunny Delight 2Y-Y. Middle row is Verran Rose 2W-GPP, Grand Prospect 2Y-W, Oregon Lights 2W-O, Trumpet Warrior 1YYW- WWY, and Whetstone 1W-W. Front row is Falconet 8Y-R, Cheltenham 2Y- YOO, Avalanche 8W-Y, Boslowick 11aY-O, and Sweetness 7Y-Y. The exhibitor was Theresa Fritchle.
Kirby Fong