Bulbs thru airport screening? Help ASAP…

April 24, 2009

Categories: Bulb Information, Growing Daffodils

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I am considering taking some bulbs to the Convention to give to a couple of folks

I remember how Harold Koop.’s bulblets got zapped into oblivion when he took some to a board meeting

These will get zapped twice – once by me and once by the folks taking ‘em home


Should I or should I not ?

Is it better if they go thru as checked luggage than hand held?


I just thought of this, please someone email me back asap before I head to the airport…



One response to “Bulbs thru airport screening? Help ASAP…”

  1. David Adams says:



    I have carried bulbs to the USA whhen coming to Conventions and twice to England. I’ve not heard of any problems.