Caring for storm victims

April 6, 2009

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We’re supposed to have several nights of hard freezes, and 1 or 2″ of snow.  I picked a lot of stuff this afternoon, including some in loose bud.  It was 40F, rainy with wind, and I kept wondering if normal people have hobbies that don’t hurt,.  (Linda, I seem to have thrown your advice about being more selective out the window – my office is pretty well filled.  I just couldn’t stop picking.)

Right now everything is in a cool room (about 55F) soaking.  What’s the best treatment for things picked early?  Keep them in a cool room until they open completely, and then chill?  A warm room?  Or chill them right away and let them open closer to show time? 

I’ve been using a cooler that stays a bit under 40F, but figure for the next few days I can put things in the garage which will be somewhere between 32 and 40F.

Thanks for any advice,

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