Fw: Making Lip/Card Pins

April 1, 2009

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Hello folks

My way of making Lip / Card Pins.
 Material required.:-  1.2mm Florist wire or similar
Tools required. :-  Wire cutters and a pencil (see attachments)
Method :- I  cut wire into 140mm lengths, wrap the wire one complete turn around the pencil leaving one leg of the pin shorter than the other.  Angling the head of the pin just adds the finishing touch.  When inserting the name card and pin into the vase make sure the shorter leg is into the moss or packing material, this prevents the card twisting when handling vases during staging and judging. This I found especially helpful when staging multivase classes.
I  use florist wire, mainly because it’s very easy to use, and also I have a bundle of it.  In the past I have stripped offcuts of electrical copper wired cable,which also works very well.
Best of luck
Paul Payne

One response to “Fw: Making Lip/Card Pins”

  1. Lynn Hoffmann says:

    I do something similar, using the green paddle florist wire of a heavy weight.  I don't cut each piece to length though.  I make one after another as I unroll the wire from the paddle, leaving a length of wire between each ring I wrap.  I cut them apart when I have enough.  These are so quick and easy to make,  I don't bother to pick them up after the show.


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