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Glencoe show – Gold Ribbon winner

April 28, 2009

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I’ve just returned from the American Daffodil Society national show in Glencoe, Illinois at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Since it’s late, I’ll post just a few photos of the award winners tonight and continue tomorrow. The Gold Ribbon winner is the best standard daffodil in the show excluding the container classes (in which there happened to be no entries) and the Challenge classes (which do not require that the daffodil be grown outdoors). This is Engagement Ring 3W-WWY exhibited by Beth Holbrooke. The rim looks orange instead of yellow because the bloom is new, and the rim starts orange before turning yellow. Except for the collections photographed in place with flash, most of my photos (like this one) were photographed with natural light coming through a window on the left and supplemented by some additional fill light. (During the rain storms, the natural light was rather weak.)
Kirby Fong

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