Jan Pennings, the Netherlands

Holland Season

April 20, 2009

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Dear Daffodilfriends
I agree with Brian, Also from Holland to all the photographers who sent pictures to Daffnet,many,many thanks. I do not stay behind and tell you something about our season.
At the beginning of the season we were 10 days behind but now we are 10 days ahead. Holland is beautiful at the moment many flowerfields with still daffodils,hyacinths and already many fields with tulips. All come together. The weather is very fine for everybody.but too warm and dry for the growers. What also means everything grows too fast and got not the right colors. Many daffodils are pale special normally the ones with deep colors. All the people who remember the 2008 WDT know the Keukenhof. Yesterday and Saturday,both days we had over 30.000 visitors,unblieveable. For all the workers there it was Topsport.
I attached a picture I took today of a tulipfield just accros the road and I will send some more.  Enjoy them. I also want to wish all the people who will join the National Convention in Chicago, that they have great days,very pity that I cannot be there this year.I will mis it.
A flowergreeting from Holland  Jan Pennings

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  1. Barbara and Len Weber, Oregon Barbara and Len Weber says:

    Jan………thanks for the picture of the grand vista of tulips, it brings happy memories of last year. We are really sorry you will not be in Chicago, and will miss you. Ours are blooming here along with all the daffs, too. I still have a few stems that are in bud, but we had 80 degrees yesterday, so that will bring them on, soon. All the best, Barbara and Len in Corvallis