Harold Koopowitz, California

hybridizer’s question

April 11, 2009

Categories: Hybridizer, Hybridizing

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Does anyone know of any doubles that reliably make seedpods? Harold

3 responses to “hybridizer’s question”

  1. Carlos van der Veek says:

    Hello Mr Koopowitz Meeting has done very well for me. Good luck, Carlos

  2. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    Harold, ‘Serena Beach’ 4W-Y a pretty massive flower very often has viable pistils and sets seed readily. ‘Coral Dance’ a very bright reddish pink of just greater than intermediate size nearly always has a viable pistil. I like to put N. dubius onto it. I don’t know if either produces OP seed pods as I ‘dead head’ every year. Both varieties are in the Ringhaddy catalogue. Brian

  3. David Adams says:
    Evans Q16 has been a good seeder for me. You are about to receive a seedling from it.
    Dunkery also set seed fro me.