N. pachybolbus

April 9, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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After searching for species in the wild for many, many years, I am convinced that the greatest aid in identification is knowing which species exist in which location.  If one  were to find a white or whitish flower that looked like N. watieri in the Sierra  de Guadaramma, north of Madrid,  it would be safe to assume that it was a bleached out or anomalous N. rupicola, not a misplaced N. watieri which is native to North Africa.  If these various N. pachybolbus bulbs can  be traced back to Cyprus rather than Algeria,  chances are they are something else. 


The plant in the Curtis print was derived from bulbs from Oran introduced into cultivation about 1865 by Giles Munby.  Some of the stock also flowered under cover at Kew.






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