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panizzianus or pachybolbous?

April 8, 2009

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To my eye, the bloom in the photo in the website referenced by James Akers doesn’t resemble the bloom in the photo of Janine Doulton’s collection. The pachybolbous in her collection was much rounder. The bloom in the website photo does look like what I grow as panizzianus!

Of course, I can only depend on the reliability of the source of my bulbs, having never ventured into the wild!


At 12:20 PM 4/8/2009, James Akers wrote:

Harold and Marilynn
Could you look at the photograph at
and say whether it is pachybolbus or not.
The flower grown in the UK as pachybolbus is sourced in Holland and is very different in form from the panizzianus which I have seen in Spain and grown in the UK. It is also in my experience much more difficult to get to flower, though the bulb is a similar size to panizzianus.
James Akers

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