Pin the tail on this historic double daffodil

April 27, 2009

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Old double

This is thought to be a historic, growing on someones property for generations.  Its about 2.25 to 2.5 inched across.  Petals a soft yellow but expecting it to fade to white (just opened this afternoon and already you can see the petals fading to white) while the center whirls are a combination of soft yellow and a darker yellow in the segments in the cup.  From the other pics I’ve seen, some of the soft yellow segments in the cup fade to a very soft yellow or white like the petals.  The cup, when viewed from the side is an entire, unbroken, short cup of about 3/8 inch long.
I’ve seen this before across the net (Flickr and such) and is not uncommon in the south.  When I first saw it, I thought it might fade to look a little like Ted Snazelle’s Sulphur Phoenix.
Also attached is a picture from someone who also grows it.  This one shows the petals faded to white and variability in the cup… also looking very much like Ted’s picture of DaffSeek.
Thanks for the help!

2 responses to “Pin the tail on this historic double daffodil”

  1. Mary Durtschi says:

    My guess is Butter & Eggs.  Here are three pictures of it that look totally different.  This year every single bloom, in about 20-25 clumps,  looks like your picture. 

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  2. Christine Durrill says:


    I compared the images you sent with the ones in the daffseek db – and I would tentatively id it as butter and eggs – though as I’m now finding out, there’s a certain amount of leeway in that id – seems daffodils are more prone to crosspollinating than I originally realized so who knows.
    Regardless, if the property owner ever cares to swap or share bulbs, I’d be happy to add it to my collection.