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April 7, 2009

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It is most important that any photographs of daffodils posted on daffnet are portrayed true to name.  These photos are instantly available worldwide and for those who have not seen the original cultivars  it is taken for granted that the names are correct.
The names on the photos posted from Holland of Oslo (A.M. Wilson 1934) and Taurus (J.A. Hunter, 1977) are incorrect.  These daffodils are both 2W-W’s.
If by any chance raisers or growers have doubled up with names of unregistered daffodils they should refrain from using the names on daffnet to avoid endless confusion.  Individuals who just name unregistered daffodils with any name without consulting the Register have the effect of making all the work that has gone into producing the RHS International Register and Classified List quite pointless.
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One response to “re Oslo and Taurus”

  1. Hein Meeuwissen says:

    You have a serious point there but that is the reason why I send these photos to daffnet. Maybe over 100.000 people visit Keukenhof of 800.000 in 9 weeks!) in the flowering time of these flowers named as I call them, so one can write the name and ask for this varieties. Some of the daffodils are new to me, others I have seen on shows before.
    The Oslo was new to me but were very young flowers, they may turn white by maturing, I want to let you know next week.
    Taurus is a splitcorona that has been showed many times by the hybridizer and the stock is sold to a grower now who is now showing it.
    So I try to go one sending to Daffnet for we all can learn from this and maybe help each other. 
     In Holland we have a statement:  many dogs are called Ficky, It has happened before that a name is used for more than one daffodil, and you are right that is not what we want. Internet makes the world smaller else we would never have known some things.
    Best regards, Hein meeuwissen, Voorhout, Holland