Michael and Lisa Kuduk, Kentucky

Silver Ribbons

April 5, 2009

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To some of us newer growers who are intimidated by the mega-collections, the Silver Ribbon is a big deal. I just don’t have that many varieties to be dabbling in the 12’s and 15’s. At peak bloom we can put in a few collections of 5, but at other times we struggle to put in one.


I think awarding a ribbon to the grower with the most blues is good practice, and something I would like to see at other flower shows. All rose exhibitors seem to care about is who wins Queen, so all you ever see at rose shows these days is an endless succession of the same 10 varieties, since those are the varieties most likely to win Queen. An award for the most blues would provide some recognition for growers who grow a variety of flowers, both hybrid teas and other varieties. One of the nicest things about a daffodil show is the huge number of varieties which are present, and any of them can win any number of awards.


Mike Kuduk

Winchester, KY


PS – Thanks to all about your Magic Lantern comments. We’ll give it a year or two, and hopefully it will quit being “Muddy Lantern”.


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