Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio

the man behind the camera

April 18, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General

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I thoroughly enjoy all the photos that are posted on Daffnet, and I thank the photographers for all their hard work so that we can see daffodils from around the world.  Here’s our man, Tom Stettner, taking photos at the CODS (Central Ohio Daffodil Society) show today.  He takes vacation time so that he can get to as many shows as possible within driving distance of Cincinnati.
You’ll see he sets up to get natural light behind him.  If more light is required, he uses his “daylight temperature lights.”  If I remember correctly, he can set his camera for the Kelvin temperature of the light he’s using.  Not only does he take photos of our prize-winners, he also grooms them to make them look their absolute best!  And then he goes home and works on the photos in his computer.
So, a big round of applause to Tom and to all the photographers who provide such enjoyment for all of us.
Mary Lou

3 responses to “the man behind the camera”

  1. Glenna Graves says:

    Thank you  for giving us “the man behind the pictures”.  The photos are always great and I enjoy the extra “photos of  blooms not often seen “, but happens to catch the photographers eye!!!–
    We thank ALL the photographers around the world that let us share in their shows.
    USA, Shenandoah Valley of VA

  2. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    Well said Mary Lou. Well done Tom.  And thanks for the picture – I am intrigued by those clamp on lights. Must seek a source – I’m often trying to photograph in less light than I’d like.

  3. Phyllis Hess says:

    HEAR HEAR AND AS WE SIT AT HOME JUST WAITING TO GET PHOTOS FROM CONVENTION; we can hardly wait to see and compare!! This season Tom and Kirby have been our salvation as we could not get to the shows!!
    Thank you so much for all you do for ADS and the shut-ins!!
    If not for Tom I would not have seen any photos from the show I was supposed to be chairing!!
    FYI I am getting much better; at least now interested in opening e-mails and such; Dr. appt. tomorrow. Thanks for all the cards and notes; I really appreciate my daffodil friends!!!