Ian Tyler, England

Unknown Daffodil

April 2, 2009

Category: General

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Dear All, I need your help yet again! I found this yesterday while leading a Daffodil day at Coughton Court. It grows to about 6-7 ins high has slightly off sweet perfume and two flower heads seems to be the norm. This is not the best example as it died in the car on the way home and I have had to revive it. Believe me when I say it’s a killer, you girls out there will just love this one if you don’t already?
Ian :o)

One response to “Unknown Daffodil”

  1. Donna Dietsch says:
    It probably is ‘Frank’s Fancy’ which consistently comes up with two florets on the stem.  Hard to tell since the edge is dried.  If you say it was a killer when fresh, then it probably is that.
    I wonder if Nial has it?