Ben Blake, California

ADS Convention 2009 – John Reed’s fields

May 4, 2009

Categories: General, Growing Daffodils, Hybridizer

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This is the last photo. Monday after the convention, a tour was done to John Reed’s place to see his fields. The convention provided a nice box lunch and a grower’s question and answer session in a converted barn. It was nicer than a barn I am sure. I took lots of photos but thought people might want to see what his fields look like.


One response to “ADS Convention 2009 – John Reed’s fields”

  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:


    Just ‘WOW’  -and mixed thoughts –
    – I’d just love to be out there amongst all those seedlings and 
     – all that work makes me tired
    Congratulations to John on his success in the seedling classes at the Convention – looked like he has some great flowers deserving wider recognition.