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ADS Convention 2009 people – Ted Snazelle, Nancy Tackett, Reg Nicholl

May 4, 2009

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I wanted to find a photo of Reg Nicholl, the current president of The Daffodil Society of Great Britain, the oldest daffodil society in the world. The only one I have has a bad photo of Nancy Tackett in it, but I am sending it anyway because I can think of several fun titles for this photo.

Nancy and I have a special relationship with The Daffodil Society and have many friends in the society.

John Pearson, a well known cultivar hybridizer, or raiser, was honored with the ADS Gold Metal during this convention. Since John was unable to travel, Reg accepted the medal on John’s behalf and will personally present it to him.

The ADS gold and silver medals are awarded for different accomplishments, and should not be thought of as first and second place awards. Bill Lee won the silver metal at this convention for his contributions to the American Daffodil Society.

From left to right are Ted Snazelle, Nancy Tackett, and Reg Nicholl.

PS. Since I am already in trouble for sending this from my spouse (Nancy), I invite you to suggest titles for this photo.


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