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ADS Convention 2009 people – Harold Koopowitz and Steve Hampson

May 4, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General, Hybridizer, Hybridizing

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Harold Koopowitz and Steve Hampson are two of my favorite people. Harold and Marilynn Howe have been hybridizing miniatures, often using species for pollen parents (I think). They have many exotic new seedlings, some of which we see in our California shows. Steve, like me is a new ADS judge this year, and we took the same judging classes this past year. I do not have a good photo of Marilynn from the show.

I think this is the last people photo I have from the 2009 ADS show. I know I took some others but can not find them (do I hear sighs of relief?).


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