Convention Attendees – send pics

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If you got a good photo of a person or event at the convention, please send it along. I will put it on the CD I am organizing and will credit you. We have already seen here some terrific photos of the blooms in the show, but I want to keep a record of the folks and events, too.
I had a request from Take Note, the barbershop quartet that entertained us on Saturday, for a photo I did not take. Their leader saw pictures being taken, so please step forward.
And, my pic of Leora Siegel, taken during her library presentation, did not come out well. And, did anyone take shots of the wall of photos or the displays? Or, Trudi Temple? Or the other speakers? Or the barn at Oakwood? Or, …?
If there were to be a next time, I would assign duties along these lines.
Thanks if you can chip in. A jpeg of 100k or more will be sufficient.
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  1. I would also like pictures that you think are sharp enough in contrast, mostly to appear as black-and-white in the
    Daffodil Journal, along with the convention article.
    People pictures, in twos, threes, or foursomes, are always treasured.
    Loyce McKenzie


  2. I was asked to take this picture of N. Michael’s Dream and put it on daffnet , as there was not one on record? Vijay

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