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egg harbor daffodils

May 24, 2009

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After leaving the convention in Chicago, Sandy and I spent the rest of the week driving up through Wisconsin and just up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the west side of Lake Michigan. This is in Egg Harbor Wisconsin where they really planted a lot of Ice Follies, Carlton and Fortune. I thought the giant daffodils were pretty impressive. Cut outs of the petals were the colored plastic sign boards with plastic dish pans for the cups. Keith Kridler

One response to “egg harbor daffodils”

  1. J Drew Mc Farland says:

    Your email reminded me of the little village of Gambier, Ohio, home of Kenyon College, about sixty miles from Columbus and twenty-some from here.  In the Spring of 2008 I spent a few hours combing the town looking for interesting historics.  I didn’t find anything looking particularly old, but I did find that nearly every yard in this mostly-wooded little town was awash in daffodils.  It doesn’t appear to be a planned effort as the varieties are well mixed, and I’ve never heard of any gardening group there promoting it.  It’s well worth a visit if anyone is in the area during season, and the campus itself is extraordinary being stone buildings in a state where most campuses are brick.
    So where does the name “Egg Harbor” come from, shape of the harbor?
    Drew Mc Farland
    Granville, Ohio