Ted Snazelle, Mississippi

Emailing: Chicago – Mesa Verde 3

May 9, 2009

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This vase of three ‘Mesa Verde,’ hybridized by Bob Spotts and exhibited by Richard Ezell, was photographed on the second day of the show.  When I looked at ‘Mesa Verde,’ I had two thoughts:  1) How did this vase fail to win the White Ribbon? and 2) It had the most profound effect on me since I first saw ‘Fencourt Jewell’ 8 W-P bloom in my own garden.
Ted Snazelle


4 responses to “Emailing: Chicago – Mesa Verde 3”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    We’ve had the Gold Medal for Innovation since 2004, when it was first presented by Betty and Brian Duncan on the occasion of the ADS’s 50th anniversary.  The Innovation Medal is to be awarded for the most innovative new daffodil exhibited at the ADS National Show. The winning variety should demonstrate significant novelty, advance or break-through qualities which could be expected to influence future development of the genus for commercial or exhibition purposes.

    It was awarded from 2004-2008, but it was not awarded this year because the special panel which selects only that award decided there was nothing that fit the criteria, which are: 

    • It must be exhibited at an ADS National Show and Convention, either in competitive classes or in Bulb Nursery or private displays.
    • It must be “new” in that its name has not been registered more than 5 years previously.
    • If an unregistered seedling is chosen for the award the breeder/stockholder must undertake to register it as a cultivar with The Royal Horticultural Society as soon as possible after the judges announce their decision. Ideally, a name would be chosen before the end of the Convention, perhaps from a suggestions box placed in front of the Award winning bloom on the honours table.

    It has never gone to ‘Mesa Verde’ because ‘Mesa Verde’ has not been shown at a National Convention in the years since 2004. And since it was registered in 2001, it is no longer eligible.

    The show in Murphys next year should have many candidates!

    Mary Lou

  2. Donna Dietsch says:
    At risk of making you, Bob and Richard upset, the reasons why Mesa Verde did not win the white ribbon are these reasons.
    The flower on the right in the picture has a nick on three of its’ petals, the bloom on the left has two petals that are not exactly flat, and all three blooms have cups that are considerably out of round.  Contrast this vase with the vase that did win the White ribbon, to be named Lake Michigan.  There are no nicks on any of the three blooms.  All petals are at the same plane and the cups are closer to round than the Mesa Verde.
    Now, if we had an innovation award, Mesa Verde would have won it long ago.  On this day John Reed’s blooms, which were nearly perfect, beat it.

  3. Donna Dietsch says:
    Funny, I can’t remember any time it was awarded.  I had forgotten that we even had it.  Has Mesa Verde ever won it?  It should have.  Bob?

  4. Donna Dietsch says:
    Boy, I sure don’t agree with that five year rule especially since few people have the cultivar and the conventions were held when Bob would not have it in bloom.  Also, when he registered it that award was not in existence. 
    I wonder what “break-through quality” that “would influence future development” that those that won  had that Mesa Verde doesn’t have.  Is there a list of the ones that won and what break-through quality they had?   I would bet that several of the ones that will be considered next year will be offspring of Mesa Verde and its’ family, since it is the only daffodil that can claim any measure of a break-through quality.  That would, at least give Bob’s breeding the recognition it deserves.
    It still was not pefect enough to win the white ribbon at the convention