End of School events for daffodil folks

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Daffodil folks should team up more with their local plant societies. I get calls all the time to go out and give programs with children and adults. I DO use daffodil photos in my nature/bird/plant/insect programs for the kids and in this case I used 60 photos letting the kids “shout out” what they see in the photos. With just 15 minutes I normally show the photo and let a child that knows something shout out what the plant or animal or insect is……We give the teachers good websites with handouts where the children can look up more information on any of the subjects we want them to cover or what the kids are interested in.
Instead of, OR in addition to Sunflower seeds or gourds you could have a daffodil person handing out bags of daffodil bulbs for the students to plant around the school for blooming next year we give seeds to students to take home to parents or grand parents or step parents. Where the children can grow “SOMETHING” quick for the summer!
I normally co-ordinate these events as FEW people want to go to the effort UNTIL they do one of these!!!! I pretty well describe what we did at the last two events. But again you could check with your schools to see what they do for end of year events. There are 69 MG in our group with E-mail. I was LUCKY to get 5 to come and help…..Each morning I gathered more than 70 different types of flowers and leaves and another MG brought another 25<40. Each are labeled best we can to show a variety of leaves and bloom types. Pretty impressive display. for a quickie program. Keith Kridler
Good Morning MG! Here are some of the photos from the May 22, 2009 Vivian Fowler Career Day event that the Cypress Basin MG helped to put on. Kenny Rollins and Linda Ferrell also presented programs for the children in another room. I put on a bird/nature photography program in a second room while the MG and Texas Native Plant Society put on a display in a third room.
Normally one or two classes rotate between events every 20 minutes. The students have 5 minutes to move between events and we have fifteen minutes to present or teach the different classes. I gave 8 programs to 11 different classes of children. I am not sure how many Kenny, Linda or the MG had as I was pretty busy:-))
Jim Falk gave a program teaching about Texas Snakes and venomous spiders.
Michelle Lawler set up a table with herbs and aromatic plants and let the children touch and feel and smell the different plants.
L.C. Terry brought plants and leaves that you see in the Coke bottles sitting on the tables and was instrumental at getting all of the plants identified.
Peggy Jones helped all around the room and is seen in the photo making sure that all of the children go home with a hand full of sunflower seeds or gourds to plant in their yards.
Laurie Skeen plans on taking the MG classes in 2010 and is helping with the Native Plant Society table and is seen in the photo helping the children copy leaf impressions with crayons onto paper and then L.C. and other MG help the children match up the crayon copies to actual leaves in the various vases. I really don’t know who all did what for sure as I only had the opportunity three times to shoot a couple of photos at three of their different groups.
OK we are going to have two rooms THIS FRIDAY May 29 th at E.C. Brice Elementary school located on the south end of Mt. Pleasant on Magnolia street. Set up time will begin just before 8 AM and the classes start coming through at 8:30 AM sharp. Again each room will be having 200<240 students in grades K<4 come through. We will again need lots of flowers, leaves or small limbs to stuff into the coke bottle vases. We could use a few more MG to help label plants and set up the room. Then there will be tear down and clean up. This is a fun way to get in about 5 hours of volunteer time. Again we will be indoors rain or shine on this Friday morning. Keith Kridler