Frozen over 62 – 20. It was a thrashing.

May 30, 2009

Category: General

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Hi All,
To be as obscure as Peter.
Just as Manchester United travelled to Rome last week and were trampled over by the Barcelona FC so a team of 15 Waikato Chiefs travelled to the high veldt of South Africa and were trampled over by 15 rampaging South African Bulls. It must be reassuring, Peter, to be in the same category as Man U.
Now if we could get the same herd of bulls into Peter’s daffodil patch the rest of us might have a chance come September.
A lovely pot of Nylon bringing some cheer into a very cold and snowy winter here. They talk about Global Warming melting the Antarctic ice and raising the sea levels. I reckon that God has decided it is quicker to send the water by airmail.

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